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Alice's Restaraunt Lick Alice's Restaraunt Lick

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Just one of those days, you kick back and relax.

This is a well-played melody you got here. Heh, sounds like you did two seperate recording with you guitar which was definitely gave it the both high and low sounds, nice. I definitely could see this with some drums if possible. :-) Very catchy and definitely recommeded as a loop.

Tancrisism responds:

Nope, I played this with one guitar on one track with fingerpicking. My mic picks up the tiniest bit of bass though from the low E string. Thanks man.

Halloween Dance Halloween Dance

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Well I'll be dammed!

Whoa, what an intensfying song. Your intro began extremely well. Your instrument quality is top-notch and the composition is freaking brilliant. I commend you on a very spooky tribute to Halloween. Each passage is well varied with rythem and notation. The only that was I was expecting a grand finale when the song began to rise in tension.

Awesome work you got here and it really reminded me Ghouls and Ghost for SNES.

DavidOrr responds:

Thank you very much for the review, I am glad you enjoyed the piece of music. It's one of the first pieces I have written in 5/4 (which I think is one of the neatest time signatures). I have never played Ghouls and Ghost on the SNES, but judging by the title, I wouldn't be suprised to see a piece of this nature on it. :)

Happy Halloween!

[JMEN]: "Flight" [JMEN]: "Flight"

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The flight is on.

An awesome start!
Hmm, a few things. Perhaps that intro pad could have a VST filter such as Flanger for some neat stero effects? Some reverbs would help the piano as well.The drums, well to tell you the truth, its decent but not perhaps too rapid? Is it your mix or a pre-done drum loop? The piano was damm excellent though, I really started to get the feel for the song when that emerge with the ahhs, a calming sensation though there just seems a bit of rivality with the drums.

This has some great potential and I admire your style with the choice of chords. Keep at it!


Chungadaddy responds:

Thank you so much. Ok... I'm gonna be really embarassed by this but here it goes... i recorded everything on real time with cubase and my xp-30 because I don't know how to get or use most of music programs. I'm trying to find out a little more with renoise... but i'm being really slow! The drums...I made them using a arpeggio function in xp-30... god! I'm ever so basic. If you check my other works (with my band) you'll see that I'm really not used to making this type of music... I mean I like it a lot and I have some ideas (not all of them good probably) but I don't know the best way to make them happen. So drums are really harsh and rapid, i should try the effects and filters a bit more (scary!)... perhaps longer... anyway thank you a lot! you've been great! I'll try to improve on this;)!

§Zeth§ War of souls §Zeth§ War of souls

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Whats that!? I hear music!

Definitely fits the bill. You can get that sense of "danger on the horizon!". The heavy drums and strings provide the right atompshere. Once again, you provided yet another astonishing piece. THe only critique that I would offer is, I see this song's ending building up, providing tension to the audience.

Good work Zeth!


XGM-Zeth responds:

You probably hear music!
Thanks man, I'm still a novice at setting music up, i just really like orchestral and write what i feel like :)

Well, it is for a flash film though..
Thanks for the review !

FZ Judgement FZ Judgement

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Drumming sensation

This is one hell of a exploding piece. Lots of mix in this piece, with some very good drums & eletronica. This is quite a long song for a demo, ha. THe intro was very dynamic though the eletric strings sounded a bit too weak. I admire the addition of new tracks especially at 3:06, it was here that I started to get a feel for the piece, could because of some bit of harmony.

Overall, this song doesn't let you down, its full of energy and great quality. Well, good luck with your demo.


ShinDenjin responds:

Yeah, lack of sleep can do that. but hey, I got the job done, I'm happy. thanks man, I appreciate it^_^.


Zelda OOT Theme - Orch. Loop Zelda OOT Theme - Orch. Loop

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Nice take at this theme. Although it isn't an original piece, the samples used are top-notch. Good instrumentation choices and rendition. You make me want to look at using reason or cubase as an alternaive choice. :-)


Khuskan responds:

Reason is definatly the best for classical sounding tracks like this. All my orchesteral tracks are done with the loyalty-free reason samples, which are of amazing quality.

parkinglot crunk. parkinglot crunk.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really digging this one.

Hmm, I really digging the beats and the whole atmosphere of the ambient organs. I really like it continues to build-up and combines. My favorite part comes in at 1:05, I don't know why but I really dig it. Definitely a great background music for those minimialistic films. Ha, in some ways it reminded me of Napolean Dynamite. Very nice work.


neighborhood-plastic responds:

thank you very much.

§Zeth§ Citadel of the Tainted §Zeth§ Citadel of the Tainted

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Proud and bold.

Wow, these are some very extrodinary songs. I really like your choice of samples(gigastudio?). The orchestrated movement sounds incredible but I can't find this more complex then your other pieces. Still, bravo on your work and damm, I still can't believe your 14.

Keep up the amazing work!

XGM-Zeth responds:

I actually use a VSTi for FL studio 5, its named Edirol Orchestral, along with some quite powerful reverb.

-It's more complex because it got more diversity and instruments start and end seperately in the song.

-Thanks for the review, Well, I'll turn 15 soon (22. Nov) so soon you can say that you can't believe im 15 :)


Afterthoughts Afterthoughts

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Smooth and delightful.

This is very smooth stuff you got here. It definitely fits the soft feel and I admire the drums pattern behind this. The Title "exactly" fits the music as I too can envision sitting down, thinking on a past memory, just from listening to this.. Wonderfully done.

r-17 responds:

Bahamut, I'm glad you enjoyed it! This piece in particular was one where I could not keep going without trying to clear my head in composing. Thank you for your generous praise.

Midnight chill Midnight chill

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Heh, allright a new song from Tanooki John.

First, let me say that the background percussion and beat is very cool and fitting for the theme. The drums (I still have no idea how to do drums) sounds hip and the ambient strings added a very nice touch. That would be the strongest point, but a few things that I heard need some work would be the repetivtive pressing at 0:37, of the piano intro. I felt it didn't quite fit since it was playing the same chord for the duration of the song. I recommend perhaps a 3rd chord change every other measure for a bit variation. Everything else is top-notch, the samples, and the mood.

Keep on rocking Tanooki John!

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Tanooki-John responds:

Well, I must have downloaded one of your tracks before. As for the drums, it's in the loops and samples, not the program. The software I use has a drums feature but I dont know how to use that myself either, I stick with what I can do best at it. Yes I will keep rocking on and will aventually get somthing new started. Your music is quite good too. Thanks for the revew.