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Blue Lotus Blue Lotus

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A Charming and Flamboyant display

Although I agree that there is much room for improvement, I very much enjoyed the innocent charm behind this little short.

What impressed me the most about your animation was the FBF facial expression of your characters, it was easy to read.

I felt your first impression with the flying seagully wasn't nearly as strong as the bulk of your animation. In my opinion, the first impression is a key to captivating your audience. Excellent music choice, it fits the mellow/tranquil mood of the scenes well.

You shouldn't worry too much about receiving a high score. After all, if this is a labor of love (which I believe it is); what you've learned and the helpful criticism you've received should be all you need to pave way to your next great idea.

Overall, this animation showed us your creative potential and with time, you can create an even more profounding animation. Well done Miss Mel.

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pickletoez responds:

Thanks for all the feedback! I am definitely going to be producing more animations. :)

Thanks for all the fish! Thanks for all the fish!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

"Play it again, Sam!"

This is a testimony for Hitchhiker's fans everywhere. What was absolutely surprising was, when I first viewed your animation a year ago, it quirked my interest as to what the movie was all about. After, witnessing how the music was used in the film (miscellaneous video of dolphins), I have to give you credit for providing a vivid cinematography, greater than what the origional film was after. Especially when the chorus sings "Come one and all", it's a joy to behold.

A small thing I wanted to add is your use of the dolphin's 3/4 profile were more effective than the usual frontal, as it gave it a extra "umph". The music carried through smoothly and I can't tell you how much I love the music, certainly a combination of swing + musical styles, kudos to the song writers.

My respects to you and Douglas Adams.

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AntonyC responds:

Thanks man :)
I appreciate the critique.
You're dead right about the 3/4 profile bits. It was originally designed to facilitate that one dolphin who winks at the camera, but I loved it so much I just had to put it in elsewhere :D
Thanks for watching!

Jinas 1: A New Friend Jinas 1: A New Friend

Rated 5 / 5 stars

AITD, you reached your next plateu.

There is certainly a great attention to detail to each scene, and even more on the characters. The fact that the characters all exhibit a crisp outline tells me that you placed a great emphasis on the hand-drawn quality of the characters.

It's awesome a visual appeal to see your artsyle fluent throughout the entire episode but I can imagine it being quite taxing. It isn't overly complex and kept simple, with appropriate shading.

It must be hard being your own animation studio, and yet you and many others have taken up that task. Truly story tellers, evokes the imagination in all of us. Even now,people watching could be pondering.. "What will happen next?"

I can understand your break from this, this looked to be a fairly arduous task and with many of life's priorities on the line, who would blame you? I know I still have to get off the ground.

I read a few of the reviews here and agree with many of them including you breathing life into these imaginary characters. I believe it is thanks to the facial expression you sculpted and the superb voice actors. They certainly fit the characters they portray. Fine choice of original music as well, and one small thing I really admire that not many artist provide is adequate credits to the other people involved with this project. I'm sure these guys greatly appreciate it.

I completely Disagree with what Squrza had to say about your film. He's nitpicking on small details and the "story does not start and end at each episode" is unavoidable. Sure the length of this episode doesn't give the full scope of the chracters personality BUT you can began to appreciate the characters development in this introductory episode.

AITD, not many would venture in the realm of fairytales, and even more so in a original sense. I'm certainly glad to see this first part completed, its a strong departure from many of your other films. A huge congrats on your frontpage and your awards, and a bigger congrats on finishing this. I'm curious as to what inspiration you drawn and where this is heading, heh, but time and your motivation will all determine that. ;-)

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AloneInTheDark responds:

Thank you alot for the review Bahamut. One of the reasons i spent a lot of time on the visual style is because this series will probably be spread out over a long time span. I'd like for it to look a bit consistent so that the style of the first episode will not notably be a lot worse from the last. I'm very happy you could enjoy it! Maybe now we can finally do that interview! lol

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Cosmo Cabs Cosmo Cabs

Rated 4 / 5 stars

"I hope you carry life insurance" -Cab Driver

I lov the concept, simple and true. What I've enjoyed about your guys sponsorship with Armorgames is the influx of quality games, and each with its own distinctive gameplay and mechanics.

I was very surprised at the london meet when Tom mentions he worked for Armorgames and had a deadline to meet every month! With so little time for planning, you guys do very well. You guys certaintly don't come off as procisnators! ;)

The overall GUI of the game is very well designed and it doesn't distract from the experience. The damage status has a very nice touch to it, I just love the whole "neon lights' look about it. It totally sold me.

The level design was funky and fresh, it even gave me the impression of driving through earth rements or a huge dump. "What do we have here! A boneyard, a vegtation area, and a few buildings from this, and more motifs.. Wierd!" Although it's easy to pass off, its very well designed.... to get you moving.

Great use of Sfx and music, it complemented the gameply and overall tone of the game well as is usually the case with each new game from you guys.

The gameplay is where this strikes home. Although I had some difficulty gaining a decent FPS on low setting, is was pure fun. The whole idea of getting to point A-B-C, without crashing in a dig-dug world, in rapid transit made it a thrilling wild ride. In many funny ways, it reminded of that underwater level in Earthworm Jim where you needed to traverse harsh environment, boy was that game ever fraustrating.

THe only problem that I'd was the optimization. I've read that the game runs well on your 4-5 year PC but oddly, my computer halted to a stop at the loading level screen with much loadtime. It almost seems the programming actions/or the large bg, was loaded at one go. I'm just guessing here but I also did notice a greater amount of texture in your level design that your guys previous flash games. Who knows, but heck for delivering this small jem in a 1.2mb package is optimized.

Overall, I give you guys (Tom and Dim) props for the hard work found in your guy's passion. It hard to be original but I admire your guys effort to always push the gaming envelop on the flash platform. Who knows what will be next?

Looking foward to your guys next projects.

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Newgrounds Rumble Newgrounds Rumble

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is what Newgrounds Culture is all about!

Everything about this game was made for Newgrounds.

In the very core is a fun (and addicting) game with well defined game mechanics for non-stop brawl that everybody can enjoy.

This was a great idea to began with and I can only imagine just how many hours were put into each character's sprite animations, programming, and etc. It was an excellent idea to give each character their one special animation including Pico's breakdancing, Alien Hominid's Chomp, and haha, not to mention Tankmen's infamous Tank, that was purely classic! This IS the pinnacle of Newgrounds Collaboration.

Everything about this was top-notch and as everyone else has mentioned, the art and animation would rival any other 2D game of this sort.

Glad to see an array of cast rumblers that are original to each of its creator (Convict and Alloy) from previous games/animation. I give props to who came up with the + & - of each character, and of course a link to learn more on its respective origins.

I really dig how closely matched the Backgrounds were to its respective characters as well and I lauged the first time, Alien Hominid's Anywhere, USA was chosen. You guys just thought of everything and I enjoyed that!

The Menu system, points system, overall the game mechanics all were spot on. Evil-dog's remix of the old newgrounds theme was very nice choice.

Its true that this game shouldn't be compared to as a Smash-brothers style as its just a genre, and this game completely rocks for this genre. Of course it is pretty funny that you guys work to put sense into a senseless violence type of game, and that again made for a interesting turn of point. Not to mention the similair attacks between P-Bot and the robot from Darkstalkers, haha jk.

With everything that has been put into this, I be hardpressed to put any real criticism. Sure more of anything would be nice but I take what I see.

I only wish there was a "Behind the scene" documentary on how you guys went on creating this collossal of project, as that would be a interesting story but that's just me. I wonder if this is considered a "Newgrounds Original" if you get my drift, heh.

Thanks to Luis, Mindchamber, Negative One, and Evil-dog to bringing such an overtop fantasy to reality. (2-1/2 years to complete, wow).

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NegativeONE responds:

"I give props to who came up with the + & - of each character, and of course a link to learn more on its respective origins." Heh, that was actually me, which is kinda funny because the other two have more NG history than I do, but I'm at least well versed in it. Thanks for the comments on the backgrounds as well, that was another fun point for me, heh. I'm soaking this up, because it feels like the first review that boasted the things I contributed most to the game besides the programming. Nonetheless, I can't separate for a moment from the huge contributions everyone made to the project. Mindchamber, the only guy who worked his ass off during such tense final weeks and was equally anticipatory of its release. Marco, who provided a full custom soundtrack. And Luis, who was also there. As far as behind the scenes, I wouldn't mind talking up a storm about the production of the game if enough people cared. We'll see if that demand rises.

Overrun II Overrun II

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A blast in a virtual world.

Haha, once again you astond us all with this incredible-defend-your-virtual-game. This game got be addicted right up to the level10 and this type of gameplay is very unique to newgrounds. Your hard work definitely shines through in this, just the same as your dedication to the first Overrun.

I'm very glad to hear many styles of music from the techtonic to the instrumental in all its musical glory. You even matched up the backgrounds to a song, and it just made it all the more, enjoyable. I really enjoy your loops though, especially that menu loop. Man, thats just perfect.

But the, greatest aspect once again is the action. Ho man, blasting down enemies, in a quick succession is just righteous fun! Great idea with the addition of upgrades as well, players definitely would like some powerups.

I can't say there was no flaws. The one that kinda stick out was the whole repetive nature of it. I guess it would seem, players fight, shop, fight, shop etc. Don't get me wrong, its a great concept and game but perhaps, a goal to reach via the end of game? (A map with all levels shown in progression?) Ha, I wouldn't know.

Overall, very impressive game that is bound to entertain many viewers/players. :-) It definitely looked like you succeeded with what you set out to do.

If this game is any indication, your "7 more kisses" will be highly crafted.

Denvish responds:

Well, if you look at it as partly a 'Defend Your Castle' style game (which was the intention), then most of those don't have a goal as such.... wasn't the end movie reward enough? =( I guess not. Sorry I didn't use any of your audio, I did have a look through it, but none of it really fitted what I was looking for. Currently, I'm just gutted to see the score dropping like a stone, I'll be out of contention for a weekly award at this rate. My own fault for being greedy and getting my hopes up, I suppose... either that, or the competition is too good (which it is).

Thanks for the review

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Alice's Restaraunt Lick Alice's Restaraunt Lick

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Just one of those days, you kick back and relax.

This is a well-played melody you got here. Heh, sounds like you did two seperate recording with you guitar which was definitely gave it the both high and low sounds, nice. I definitely could see this with some drums if possible. :-) Very catchy and definitely recommeded as a loop.

Tancrisism responds:

Nope, I played this with one guitar on one track with fingerpicking. My mic picks up the tiniest bit of bass though from the low E string. Thanks man.

Halloween Dance Halloween Dance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well I'll be dammed!

Whoa, what an intensfying song. Your intro began extremely well. Your instrument quality is top-notch and the composition is freaking brilliant. I commend you on a very spooky tribute to Halloween. Each passage is well varied with rythem and notation. The only that was I was expecting a grand finale when the song began to rise in tension.

Awesome work you got here and it really reminded me Ghouls and Ghost for SNES.

DavidOrr responds:

Thank you very much for the review, I am glad you enjoyed the piece of music. It's one of the first pieces I have written in 5/4 (which I think is one of the neatest time signatures). I have never played Ghouls and Ghost on the SNES, but judging by the title, I wouldn't be suprised to see a piece of this nature on it. :)

Happy Halloween!

[JMEN]: "Flight" [JMEN]: "Flight"

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The flight is on.

An awesome start!
Hmm, a few things. Perhaps that intro pad could have a VST filter such as Flanger for some neat stero effects? Some reverbs would help the piano as well.The drums, well to tell you the truth, its decent but not perhaps too rapid? Is it your mix or a pre-done drum loop? The piano was damm excellent though, I really started to get the feel for the song when that emerge with the ahhs, a calming sensation though there just seems a bit of rivality with the drums.

This has some great potential and I admire your style with the choice of chords. Keep at it!


Chungadaddy responds:

Thank you so much. Ok... I'm gonna be really embarassed by this but here it goes... i recorded everything on real time with cubase and my xp-30 because I don't know how to get or use most of music programs. I'm trying to find out a little more with renoise... but i'm being really slow! The drums...I made them using a arpeggio function in xp-30... god! I'm ever so basic. If you check my other works (with my band) you'll see that I'm really not used to making this type of music... I mean I like it a lot and I have some ideas (not all of them good probably) but I don't know the best way to make them happen. So drums are really harsh and rapid, i should try the effects and filters a bit more (scary!)... perhaps longer... anyway thank you a lot! you've been great! I'll try to improve on this;)!