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Blue Lotus Blue Lotus

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A Charming and Flamboyant display

Although I agree that there is much room for improvement, I very much enjoyed the innocent charm behind this little short.

What impressed me the most about your animation was the FBF facial expression of your characters, it was easy to read.

I felt your first impression with the flying seagully wasn't nearly as strong as the bulk of your animation. In my opinion, the first impression is a key to captivating your audience. Excellent music choice, it fits the mellow/tranquil mood of the scenes well.

You shouldn't worry too much about receiving a high score. After all, if this is a labor of love (which I believe it is); what you've learned and the helpful criticism you've received should be all you need to pave way to your next great idea.

Overall, this animation showed us your creative potential and with time, you can create an even more profounding animation. Well done Miss Mel.

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pickletoez responds:

Thanks for all the feedback! I am definitely going to be producing more animations. :)

Thanks for all the fish! Thanks for all the fish!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

"Play it again, Sam!"

This is a testimony for Hitchhiker's fans everywhere. What was absolutely surprising was, when I first viewed your animation a year ago, it quirked my interest as to what the movie was all about. After, witnessing how the music was used in the film (miscellaneous video of dolphins), I have to give you credit for providing a vivid cinematography, greater than what the origional film was after. Especially when the chorus sings "Come one and all", it's a joy to behold.

A small thing I wanted to add is your use of the dolphin's 3/4 profile were more effective than the usual frontal, as it gave it a extra "umph". The music carried through smoothly and I can't tell you how much I love the music, certainly a combination of swing + musical styles, kudos to the song writers.

My respects to you and Douglas Adams.

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AntonyC responds:

Thanks man :)
I appreciate the critique.
You're dead right about the 3/4 profile bits. It was originally designed to facilitate that one dolphin who winks at the camera, but I loved it so much I just had to put it in elsewhere :D
Thanks for watching!

Jinas 1: A New Friend Jinas 1: A New Friend

Rated 5 / 5 stars

AITD, you reached your next plateu.

There is certainly a great attention to detail to each scene, and even more on the characters. The fact that the characters all exhibit a crisp outline tells me that you placed a great emphasis on the hand-drawn quality of the characters.

It's awesome a visual appeal to see your artsyle fluent throughout the entire episode but I can imagine it being quite taxing. It isn't overly complex and kept simple, with appropriate shading.

It must be hard being your own animation studio, and yet you and many others have taken up that task. Truly story tellers, evokes the imagination in all of us. Even now,people watching could be pondering.. "What will happen next?"

I can understand your break from this, this looked to be a fairly arduous task and with many of life's priorities on the line, who would blame you? I know I still have to get off the ground.

I read a few of the reviews here and agree with many of them including you breathing life into these imaginary characters. I believe it is thanks to the facial expression you sculpted and the superb voice actors. They certainly fit the characters they portray. Fine choice of original music as well, and one small thing I really admire that not many artist provide is adequate credits to the other people involved with this project. I'm sure these guys greatly appreciate it.

I completely Disagree with what Squrza had to say about your film. He's nitpicking on small details and the "story does not start and end at each episode" is unavoidable. Sure the length of this episode doesn't give the full scope of the chracters personality BUT you can began to appreciate the characters development in this introductory episode.

AITD, not many would venture in the realm of fairytales, and even more so in a original sense. I'm certainly glad to see this first part completed, its a strong departure from many of your other films. A huge congrats on your frontpage and your awards, and a bigger congrats on finishing this. I'm curious as to what inspiration you drawn and where this is heading, heh, but time and your motivation will all determine that. ;-)

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AloneInTheDark responds:

Thank you alot for the review Bahamut. One of the reasons i spent a lot of time on the visual style is because this series will probably be spread out over a long time span. I'd like for it to look a bit consistent so that the style of the first episode will not notably be a lot worse from the last. I'm very happy you could enjoy it! Maybe now we can finally do that interview! lol

Life Factory Life Factory

Rated 4 / 5 stars

..and Josh McKinley once said, "Here's my theory"

"Life Factory" The title of the film drawn me in and I wasn't disappointed.

I got to say, you brought forth a very interesting concept. Each sequence provides the viewer a glimpse into the "construction" of a unique "by-product". The intro scene explains cleary the environment of the movie. The visual cue behind both the personality & information was creative.

The colours you used for the factory seems to spawn from one colour, perhaps you were highlightning the human. Neitherless it was very simple, perhaps a bit more detail could have been added but for a 3-Days work, nice job overall. Ha, the "human feature" section remined me of one of those (create your own *noun*) games.

The music was a very nice choice, it definitely appealed to the theme of your animation.

Some advices I can give are the "Emotions" text in the movie would have worked more nicely as digital text rather then drawn, as it seemed hand-wrotten. Also, you might want to add a replay button at the end. I noticed you used a certain movieclip for many scenes, I like to suggest for future animations more diversity in BG.

I read that you wanted to import transparent images into flash. In order to do that, just export the transparent image as a .png and your all set.

I encourage you to continue and improve, because I believe you definitely have creativity in your makings, haha.

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OrigamiNugget responds:

All I have to do is make it a png? Wow. They never told me that in any graphic design classes.. Thanks! I appreciate the 8!

Luis vs. ClockCrew Luis vs. ClockCrew

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Showing Clock Love in a Modest way.

Your uses of the virtual camera, perspective,scene transition, and audio syncing was very carefully crafted. Throughout the movie, I was glued to the havoc and destruction that was unfolding.

What was very impressive was how you orchestrated the actions of Luis (stomping, shaking, all matter of body language) with the timing of the music. That would have taken some very precise timing & revision, wow. It reminded me of your "Murray the Monkey" animation in which you cleverly manipulated a exerpt from Jungle Boogie, to the characters. The music is titled "Doc Ock Suite" if any reader is interested.

Something new you brought to the table is your tutorials. A nice idea sort of like a mix of tutorials & behind-the-scenes coverage. You just keep contributing to the newgrounds community. :-)

I wasn't aware missles could causes deep cuts! Perhaps you were referencing to King Kong? Haha, an another quality animation.

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Happy Three Years, Fred! Happy Three Years, Fred!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Original and fresh.

This was a very comical cartoon! I really enjoyed the dialogue between these characters as it was quite fresh. Your use of the line and pen tool provides a very clean look. The only few things that I can comment on was the a small line by Fred the monkey "ate the cake" which sounded a bit uneven and the missing arms of the penguins(?). Neverless, this was one very enjoyable short and I offer my congrats on your 3 year success. Thats definitely an accomplishment to be proud of!

JKR responds:

Hey, thanks for the well written and thoughtful review! I agree with you, the "I ate that cake" Fred line was a bit off. I recorded it several times, but I guess I should have tried to get it better still. And the "penguins" are actually aliens called "space chickens" who use telekinetic powers and have no arms. Everyone thinks they're penguins though. =)
Thanks again for the review!

8-Bitch5: EvilOnTheAttack 8-Bitch5: EvilOnTheAttack

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Parody of a Parody.

From what I can see, your flashes emphasises on "high speed" scenes to establish itself as something completely different and rampant. And what other way then to make this even more unusual, then with the keyframe additions of nonsense pics, audio, and paypal messages. It could all be sublimal messages, just the same with TV "truth".

And about the theme, I can picture several reasons for your dedication to this flash. Simply, to expose an over-rated figure. It worked for the media, why not here?

Well, still, you pulled it off nicely. Animation, voices, art, and your distinguished style, all there.

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Renaissance Renaissance

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Art itself is as diversed and meaniful as Life.

This flash definitely has sparked quite the talk here on NG. Due to what each person sees/perceieve, we all have our definition but like you have mentioned, this is open to any interperation.

Renaissance, a new change, from what I seen, this character is giving a glimpse of a picture not seen in reality. Dream could establish that or a sudden relapse of memory. Some scenes in this presentation really speaked out such as the sheltered hands of the mother for her loved one. We don't wish to expose our new generation to age of strife, hate, proverty, and the unexplained.

Really, I can't give a review but my thoughts on this. I can say a few things such as, great to see some great fluid movements, and different mediums. The pixelated scene intrigues me and I just have to hand it to you for putting the time and effort into this.

I really admire the violen solo scene as I found that the most appealing. Could be the hand motion, choice of color, or just the setting. When I first glimpsed at the scene of the fake city walls, the flash "Smile" just popped up. Haha, I don't know if you were influenced by so or it was concidence. ;-)

About the song- Great choice of music, you picked yet another very solemn songs that matches well to your animation.

Final Remarks, emotions truly was a key factor here. I guess in the end, we are just "lives" living out our existence in this continuing cycle. The character here in my eyes, saw that and pondered... why?

Hmm, I hope insipiration gave the insight you needed. You should be proud, you opened a lot of eyes.

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AVP - In The Middle AVP - In The Middle

Rated 4 / 5 stars

True to its name.

Hey, that was quite sensationally! The Movements were very clean and the artwork was awesome. Your use of blurs was right-on. This was very enjoyable to watch and the time you placed on this cleary shows.

I only wish it was longer! haha, but keep at it man, this was some quality animation with great suspense. Great job on this.

Homer Simpson's Car Homer Simpson's Car

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A+!! Shipping was quick and easy! Recommend Buyer!

*Cough* Ebay *Cough*

Hey, quite stylish. That intro did well for the simpsons. Who would every imagine a commercial based on that incredible (yet ackward) car? Who would have used such good camera shots for a car features? Who could have found such good choice of music?

You better believe it, the Shrike himself.

Personality was cool, the safety scene could have used a door since I don't think Lights (was it lights?) could be actually be a prime safety factor. That style and those "shines" were awesome. If your interested check up making use of gradients for that shine effect tutorial somewhere...

Overall, great idea! Tis another great tribute to the simpsons. Just might want to use the smooth fuctions more to clean up those lines. Those simpson wavs were hilarious. Looking forward to that Parrot Hunt Game.

*Bids $82,000 on used Powell Car*

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TheShrike responds:

That has to be the best review for ANYTHING I've ever received. Yeah, it scored a 6 overall, but your review was helpful, and informative, which is what I'd prefer to see in a review.

Thanks for your time, and... wow. It took you this long to see and review this? Meh. Better late than never. Thanks for the review!